7 Things Not covered in Health Insurance

In health insurance, most of the things are covered but there are a few things which are not covered in health insurance policies. Some diseases are permanently excluded from health insurance and some are covered after a fixed waiting period. There is also a reason that a person should buy health insurance as soon as possible because in the 30s or ’40s few common diseases start affecting the body and at that time the person has to serve a waiting period of 3 – 4 years. In some cases, if the disease is related to a body organ or other, there is the possibility that company denies from the taking the case. This means the company refuses to do insurance for the person as the company sees a high risk of a claim.

Buy health insurance when you are fit, not when you are affected by some disease. The companies are enough smart to handle the cases so there are few waiting periods that has to be followed by every insured person who buys the Mediclaim policy. Any disease that is by birth is not covered by any health policy.

Let’s move to 7 Things that are not covered by your health insurance company

1. Pre-existing condition.

The term Pre-existing condition means when a person is interested in buying a health insurance policy but he/she is already suffering from a health problem such as blood pressure, diabetes etc. In this situation, the company applies waiting period of 3 to 4 years generally. In this case, the person is not eligible to take a claim for current health issues. Some companies may deny accepting the case. Some companies can accept the person to buy the policy but exclude his current health problem permanently. Some will apply to load means they will charge extra to cover the current health problem. So, it is strongly advised to buy a health policy at an early age to avoid this waiting period.

2. Specific Waiting Period

The other is a specific waiting period which is of generally 2 years. This has to be severed by all the policyholders. There are a few diseases for which you have to wait for 2 years to get the claim such as knee replacement, disc, joint replacement, sinus, piles, stone etc.

3. Lifestyle-related Diseases

This includes the health problem caused due to your own lifestyle. Generally, it includes lungs infection or lungs cancer caused by smoking. Liver diseases caused due to excess consumption of alcohol.

4. Cosmetic treatments

The treatments like plastic surgery of the nose etc are not covered by your health insurance policy as these are generally for beautification. Cosmetic surgery is permanently excluded by health insurance.

5. Aids

Aids is considered as a disease but not covered by any Mediclaim company.

6. Injuries caused due to suicide attempt

You cannot file a claim if hospitalization is due to a suicide attempt by the policyholder.

7. Reproductive challenges, pregnancy and childbirth:

Treatments such as fertility challenges, in-vitro fertilization, abortion and surrogacy are not covered by health policy.



Don’t depend on your corporate policy. Buy your own personal policy because if you buy a policy with existing health problems, it is more costly and sometimes impossible for you to buy the policy. When you are fit, you are eligible for a policy and you can complete basic waiting periods. But if you buy a policy after having a disease, the company will not accept you happily. Whatever the salesperson will say to you at the time of selling but if you do not fit while buying the policy you have to face an additional premium and additional waiting period that can drain your pocket. Buy a policy from someone whom you can trust and share your health problems personally. Because buying health policy is not an achievement but getting a claim is an achievement.  

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