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We are Health Insurance Consultant in Delhi. We are providing financial services like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Four Wheeler Insurance, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Marine Insurance, Travel Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Mobile Phone Insurance, Home Appliance Insurance, Laptop Insurance and Mediclaim from more than 33 years. We started our business as a Financial Advisor in 1986 at Mohindra Investments.

Our business is running with the trust value of our clients. Being a Financial Consultant our primary work is to provide financial security to you and your family, whether creation and more.

Health Insurance Consultant

Being a health insurance advisor our job is to suggest to you, the best plans available in the market. To avoid fault calls and fake online insurance, one should always consult a health insurance agent before buying a health insurance policy. Because there are many types of health insurance plans in the industry. To know the loopholes of the Mediclaim policy plan you should consult a health insurance agent.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Motor Insurance or two wheeler insurance is for protection of your vehicle from accidental damage and theft. There are basically two types of two-wheeler insurance available in India. The first one is third party insurance which is mandatory in India. It is very cheap, but do not provide any benefit to the vehicle owner in case of any loss. Another one is Comprehensive insurance. In Comprehensive, two wheeler owner gets a claim in case of accidental damage or theft. The comprehensive insurance has some capping i.e. 50 % in rubber and much more. To avoid this, there is Zero Depreciation insurance available in the market. Under Zero Dep. Insurance, the two-wheeler insurance holder will get a 100% claim in case of any loss.

Four Wheeler Insurance

Four wheeler insurance or motor insurance are for private cars. Commercial vehicles are not included in it. For a commercial vehicle, there is a separate type of motor insurance available. Under Four wheeler insurance, there are two types of plans able in the market. First is the third party insurance. It is mandatory in India. But, in case of third party insurance, the policyholder doesn’t get any claim in case of accidental loss or theft. Second is commercial vehicle four wheeler insurance and Zero Dep. Four wheeler insurance. A person get a claim in both the cases but in commercial vehicle four wheeler insurance there are some capping available and in case of Zero deprecation four wheeler insurance there is a 100% claim.

Fixed Deposits

FD’s or fixed deposits are available in the bank and private companies. As compared to a bank, private companies provide more rate of interest on fixed. Some of the private companies are Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited. Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj and more. Considering the safety level, you can check there rating. There are secured companies running for a long time. In Fixed Deposits, you can get visits bank or consult your fixed deposits agent i.e. your financial planner. know more about fixed deposits rates.

Mutual Funds

Talking about mutual funds, it is the most wide speared industry in India. There are many companies in mutual funds industry with many plans available. To get more return on your investments you should consult your financial advisor. There are many types of mutual funds plans available based on your requirement. For example Tax Saving Plans, SIP, Retirement Plans, Children Plans, ULIP’s and many more. The mutual fund is an industry where you will not get instant and high returns instantly. In mutual funds, you will get very high returns in long runs i.e. for more than 5 years. The returns based on the funds in which you have invested. A mutual fund can provide you a return of 5% to 20-25% percent. You should get an advisor to form your financial consultant before investing and maintaining mutual funds.

Home Appliance Insurance

Insurance of TV, AC, Fridge and other home appliance insurance is very important. You don’t have to buy it initially in the first 3 – 4 years. Because, in this time period, usually the company provides you an extended warranty for your product. But, do you know you can get cover for home appliance up to 10 years. In 4-5 yearly, your home appliance will not give you any technical trouble but after 6-7 years you have to spend on it repairing. So, to avoid that expense you can get Home Appliance Insurance just at Rs. 1599. It will provide you the cover of Rs. 15000. Means for technical and physical damage you can get claim up to Rs. 15000. There are more options available for home appliance insurance.

Mobile Insurance

Mobile is the most important things for everyone. It is the most important part of our life. Nowadays, our touch screen phones have no buttons. Font part is covered with glass only. Cost of the screen is nearly 50% – 80% of the phone’s value. In case of any physical or liquid damage, your 50% – 80% phone’s value go to Zero. The repairing cost is too high from the authorized service center. In such a situation, it will very difficult to pay the repair amount. Mobile damages are also very common. So, just by paying a small premium amount, you can get financial security for your mobile phone again physical and accidental damage.

Our Mission

Taking care of your health needs financially and taking care of your loved once after you. Converting your small saving into investments.

Our Plan

mission mohindra investments

Starting Small investmetns with SIP for retirement, multipling your investment amount and providing financial help in your health inssues.

Our Vision

To see every citizen investing small amount before it gets out of your pocket for daily expenses for safer future.

Our Services

Providing all kind of financial services and saving your tax. Managing your financial budget. Taking care of your future and backup when you need urgent money. Helping your house, vehicles and health financially.

Mutual Funds

Invest in Mutual Funds with a small investment. As it can give you higher returns. Different type of mutual funds schemes available.

Invest in fixed deposits and get upto 10.08% Interest. Safe, reliable and flexible investment plans.

Health is Wealth. Invest now in health insurance and beat the increasing medicine and hosptial rates.

Life Insurance

Taking care of your family with a life insurance. Because any thing can happen anytime.

A Two-wheeler insurance means safety against damages that may occur to a two-wheeler due to road accident.

Invest nominal amount on your vehicle maintenance in the form of premium. I will help you in many ways.

Taxis, Tractors, Cranes, goods carrying & passenger-carrying vehicle.

Get a Family Protection for your family with a term plan with guarantee returns.

Worried about your retirement income? Invest now with gurantee income schemes for your non earning days.

Tensed about your child’s study or marriage expenses? Invest earlier to get enough amount that can secure your child’s future.


Don’t waste lakhs in hospital. Invest small amount in premium and save lakhs.

Tax Saving Plans

Why not to save your money with tax saving scheme?

Health Insurance
Fixed Deposits
Motor Insurance

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