What Are the Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel insurance means that insurance policy that prevents the insured traveler from incurring huge financial losses as a result of an unexpected incident during their journey. A travel insurance policy offers a helping hand to the insured traveler and provides necessary financial support at the hour of need irrespective of whether he is traveling within India or abroad.


10 Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy

  1. Emergency medical expenses

This covers the expenses incurred by the insured throughout hospitalization for availing immediate medical help required on account of any sickness contracted or injury sustained while on a trip abroad.

  1. Dental emergency assistance

This covers the cost of medical expenses incurred about any injury or sickness to the natural tooth or teeth of the insured throughout the trip.

  1. Personal accident

Personal accident compensates the insured within the event of the insured meeting with an accident throughout the policy period that results in his death or permanent total disability.

  1. Loss of checked in baggage

The company shall pay the insured for the sum as mentioned against this return 6 in part i of the schedule to the policy for the worth of the checked-in baggage lost at the same time as in custody of the business throughout the trip covered hereunder. The coverage shall begin from the time the checked-in baggage is entrusted to the common carrier and a receipt obtained, and shall terminate on delivery by the business organisation against surrender of the receipt at the place of destination/ city of residence, because the case is also provided that the cover shall in no case happen beyond the point of delivery by the public carrier at the arrival terminal/exit gate. The cover shall be available only if the complete checked-in baggage is permanently lost by the common carrier.

The cover shall be applied individually and independently just in case of a trip involving multi destinations end-route.

  1. Loss of passport

If the passport belonging to the insured is lost, the company can reimburse the insured for actual expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred in connection with obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport.

  1. Flight delay

Reimbursement of extra expenses incurred if the trip is delayed for over 8 hours because of the act of terrorism, cancellation or rescheduling of flights by common carrier, or any natural peril.

  1. Missed departure

This covers the insured just in case of failure of the insured to access the connecting flight, arising out of and resulting upon the delayed arrival of the earlier flight/ common carrier caused by reasons beyond the management of the insured.

  1. Trip cancel/interrupt on the death of a family member

This covers the official cancellation charges and the extra transportation expenses incurred by the insured to come back to the place of origin, for the trip being canceled/interrupted due to natural perils, or death or emergency hospitalization of insured or insured’s an immediate family member.

  1. Hijack

This coverage provides compensation just in case the common carrier in which the insured is traveling as a traveler during the trip is subjected to a hijack, and that the common carrier with all the passengers on it is command captive by the hijackers.

  1. Personal liability

Personal liability covers the insured against legal liability for physical injury or property harm to 3rd parties on account of an accident occurring anytime throughout the trip or within the policy period.

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