Cardiac Health Insurance FAQ

What is the cardiac health insurance plan?

Health Insurance Plan means the type of insurance policy that provides coverage to the Heart patients. Cardiac Health insurance policy covers both the hospitalization, whether a patient is admitted due to cardiac related health issues or admitted for any other health issues means (non- cardiac) problem. The cardiac health insurance plan makes sure that it provides proper medical treatment to an insured person without worrying at the time of finical emergency.


Why you need this plan?

  • Now a day’s medical expenses are very high.
  • Day by day decrease in savings
  • Unexpected financial problems, unexpected expenses
  • Increased weakness and medical illnesses
  • You get a health insurance policy after one heart attack
  • For the best medical treatment
  • Health insurance policy is important for heart patients


Why do I need the cardiac health insurance plan?

Cardiac illnesses or heart attack are on the rise and can affect anyone, anytime. In addition to the long course of treatment, cardiac ailments can also impact one’s finances. To ensure that you protect not only yourself, but also your family, a cardiac health insurance plan is a specialized plan that aims at taking care of any cardiac issues at financial emergencies.


What are the conditions that are covered under cardiac health insurance?

  • Room Expenses at the time of hospitalization
  • ICU Expenses at the time of hospitalization
  • Covers Expenses of cardiac
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses
  • Day care treatment
  • Ambulance Charges
  • Packages for treatments
  • Tax Rebate


What are the conditions that are not covered under cardiac health insurance?

  • Claim raised within the 30 days of the health insurance policy (except accidental case).
  • Treatment and expenses suffered due to routine health check-ups.
  • Treatment/surgery is done for gender reassignments or gender change.
  • Treatment is undertaken abroad
  • The policy does not cover for certain illnesses like hernia, cataract, sinusitis, etc. during the first 2 years of the policy.
  • Certain expenses are not included under this plan like the cost of hearing aid, eye lens, spectacles, etc.
  • Treatments for health worries caused by alcoholism and drugs are not included
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.


What is the benefit payable under cardiac health insurance?

  • Room rent – Room expenses at the time of hospitalization. There is no capping on room rent you can get a single a/c room.
  • ICU Expenses – Actual charges without capping at the time of hospitalization
  • Waiting period for Cardiac – There are only 90 days waiting period for cardiac-related issues.
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses – Expenses before hospitalization are covered
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses – Expenses after hospitalization are covered


There is any cashless mediclaim policy for heart patients?

Star cardiac care insurance policy is a cashless mediclaim policy for heart patients means that the insured doesn’t have to spend any amount on hospital bills. You just have to show your health insurance card and all the expenses will be paid by your health insurance company. Cashless facility is available only in the network hospitals. The health insurance company should have to tie up with the hospital, only then you can avail the cashless feature.


Things to check before buying Cardiac Health Insurance

  • Basic coverage under a cardiac health plan
  • Claim Settlement Ratio of the company
  • Premium they are offering
  • Ask for the maximum renewal age
  • Flexibility to increase the sum assured of a cardiac health plan
  • Get hassle-free claim settlement
  • Avail seamless cashless hospitalization


Can I get health insurance after a heart attack?

Yes, you can buy this policy from Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy.


Is there any tax benefit available for this plan?

Tax Benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 are applicable for premiums paid towards this plan.

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