Third Party Insurance Rate 16-June-2019

Description of vehicle Premium rate (OLD) Premium rate (CURRENT) Percentage increase

Four Wheeler Third Party Rates

Not exceeding 1000cc* Rs 1,850 Rs 2,072 12%
Exceeding 1000cc but not exceeding 1500cc Rs 2,863 Rs 3,221 12.50%
Exceeding 1500cc Rs 7,890 Rs 7,890 No change

Two Wheeler Third Party Rates

Not exceeding 75cc Rs 427 Rs 482 12.88%
Exceeding 75cc but not exceeding 150cc Rs 720 Rs 752 4.44%
Exceeding 150cc but not exceeding 350cc Rs 985 Rs 1,193 21.11%
Exceeding 350cc Rs 2,323 Rs 2,323 No change

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