How to Get a Claim in Bike Insurance?

Steps for bike claim process:

  1. Contact your bike insurer
  2. Lodge an FIR
  3. damage evaluation
  4. settling claim via compensation or cashless


  1. Contact your Bike Insurance company – Get in touch with your insurer at your earliest to register the claim. Not doing this will cause complications within the claim process.
  2. Lodge an FIR – If your Bike has been purloined or been during a major accident, you must file an FIR at the closest police station. it speeds up your claim approval and could be a mandatory document for initiating the claim settlement process.
  3. Damage Evaluation – In the case of an accident or accidental harm, you must even have the damage evaluated immediately by knowledgeable at a garage, ideally a licensed garage of your insurance company. this may cause you to eligible for cashless advantages at the garage.
  4. Settling Claim Via Compensation (Reimbursement) – To initiate the claim process, you have to pay for the service center. Fill the relevant forms and submit the desired set of documents to make sure a fast, hassle-free and efficient claim settlement.

Documents for filing a Bike insurance claim process

In a comprehensive insurance policy, you get cover for the third party against accidental damage, injury, and death caused by the insured bike, it additionally extends constant advantages to the insured bike also. the following area unit the required documents that you just need to submit for a quick and simple claims process:

  • Duly signed form
  • Copy of valid vehicle Registration Certificate (R.C.)
  • Copy of valid driving license (D.L)
  • Copy of 1st 2 pages of the policy document
  • FIR for accidental damage.
  • Original repair bill, money receipt.

There are 2 types of claim

Cashless Claim Settlement – The whole method is cashless, and you will not pay anything except for the deductible you’ve got united. Your bike insurance company has a huge list of licensed service centers promptly on the market for you. Basically, in this, you get a 100% cashless claim according to your IDV.

Reimbursement of claim – You inform the insurer, have your Bike repaired, buy the expenses so raise a claim. After some verification, the insurance firm disburses your claim amount minus the deductible. Basically, in this, you get reimbursement for your damages according to your IDV.

Factors to consider before buying Bike Insurance

  • Consider the Claim Settlement ratio as compared to the premium paid
  • Get your bike repaired from Registered/Acclaimed Garage
  • Choose an insurer that gives wonderful client Service and Support facilities
  • Carefully decide whether or not you wish the Add-ons or Not
  • Consider the options of the Coverage
  • Consider the period
  • Premium Rates
  • Carefully understand the Exemptions of the policy
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