10 Things You Should Know About Car Insurance

1. What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a type of insurance policy that completely takes care of expenses arises due to accident, theft, natural digester, and any third-party liability. Car insurance is the best key to full fill the repairing costs that may arise due to the damages caused by accident or natural disaster. Car insurance policy helps in financial emergencies and legal liability. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to buy a liability only policy without which one cannot use the vehicle on road.

2. What are the required documents for a car insurance claim?

Every insurance company has its own claim process. This necessary document that you need to submit for a fast and easy claims process:

  • Duly signed the claim form
  • Copy of valid vehicle Registration Certificate (R.C.)
  • Copy of valid Driving License (D.L)
  • Copy of the first two pages of the policy document
  • FIR for accidental damage.
  • Original repair bill, cash receipt, and proof of release.

3. What documents do you need for buying new car insurance?

Getting a new insurance policy for your car. Things you need are:

  • Registration certificate (RC)
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Nominee details
  • Pollution certificate (Non-Mandatory)

4. What is a comprehensive car insurance policy?

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides complete protection to your vehicle due to accidental damage, fire, theft, earthquake, etc. In addition to this, it provides cover against any third party liability in terms of death, injury and third party property damage. In a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can get additional benefits by choosing the add-ons like accessories cover, engine protector, zero depreciation cover, medical expenses, etc. The comprehensive insurance policy has some capping i.e. 30 % in rubber, 50% in plastic, 20% fibre and so on, to avoid such capping’s, there is zero depreciation insurance. In zero depreciation if your car gets damaged due to the accident, you will receive the entire repairing cost from the insurance company.

5. Should I buy a comprehensive or a third party car insurance cover?

As per Indian law, only third party liability is mandatory. Without insurance policy cannot use the vehicle on the road. Basically, third party car insurance policy means that type of insurance policy that covers the damages or injuries of other parties only, not yours. But in comprehensive insurance policy offers complete protection against the damages due to an accident, natural digester, third-party legal liability, theft, along with the personal accident coverage. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a comprehensive cover as it provides financial protection along with protection from third party liability.

6. What are the various types of car insurance policies?

There are two types of car insurance policies –

  • Third Party Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

7. Is car insurance policy mandatory?

Yes, Car insurance policy is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The rule of the Motor Vehicle Act means that every four wheeler on the road has to be insured with a valid third party.


8. What happens when I wish to renew my expired car insurance policy?

You can easily renew your expired policy by a car insurance agent or online. If you are choosing comprehensive car insurance in that case inspection is mandatory if your car insurance policy gets expired but in third party insurance, there is no inspection for the car even after your policy expires.


9. How can I get a claim in car insurance?

Getting a claim in car insurance is fast and hassle-free. Four-wheeler insurance claims process simple and efficient. All settlement is cashless or reimburses in car insurance.

These are some simple process for claim process:

  • Register Your Claim
  • Call at an insurance company at your location
  • Send your car for repair
  • Submit your policy related documents
  • Get your claim settled for your car


10. What is No Claim Bonus?

It is a bonus given under comprehensive policy on OD (on damage) premium. NCB is given if your previous policy is not expired and you have not taken any claim under the previous policy. The range of no claim bonus can go up to 60%. No claim bonus is your reward for renewing the policy on time.


All types of Vehicles% of Discount on Own Damage premium
No claim made or pending during the preceding full year of insurance20%
No claim made or pending during the preceding 2 consecutive years of insurance25%
No claim made or pending during the preceding 3 consecutive years of insurance35%
No claim made or pending during the preceding 4 consecutive years of insurance45%
No claim made or pending during the preceding 5 consecutive years of insurance50%



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