How to file a claim in car insurance?

There are basically three types of claims.

  • Theft Claim of car insurance
  • Own Damage claim of car insurance (accidental damage that covers under full insurance/comprehensive/Zero Depreciation Policy)
  • Third-Party Claim


What are the things you should do after an Accident?

Do not run away and do not get hyper and deal calmy and have a good productive discussion. Call your insurance company and inform them about the claim. Inform the policy and get an FIR registered. Be patient and calm. Note down the name of the witness and the third-party company. Take photos of the accident on the spot. In case you have a minor accident, you can avoid claim as it saves your NCB (No Claim Bonus)

To file a Claim for your Car Insurance follow the following steps

Own damage claim

  • Call the insurance company and inform them about the situation that occurred and get the claim intimation ID.
  • Get help from your company in finding a cashless garage or non-cashless garage.
  • Submit the duly signed claim form (Only by insured) alone with the company documents such as DL Copy, RC Copy, Policy Copy, FIR, Car Bill and tax receipts.
  • Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp
  • Get an estimate from the garage and tell the insurance company. For cashless garage pay a partially amount and the rest will be directly settled by the company. In the case of the non-cashless garage. Pay the full amount and submit all the documents to the company to get the reimbursement amount directly in your bank account.
  • Your ID Proof and bank proof (if required)


Third Party Claim

This is the case where you don’t want any claim or you have a third-party policy in which you can not file your own damage claim. Third-party claim in case of car insurance is up to 7.5 Lakhs.

Steps to get a third party claim in car insurance:

  • Inform the police about the accident and register FIR
  • Inform the insurance company and the incidence and get claim intimation id.
  • Submit the form along with car documents and policy documents and other requirements by the company.
  • Your ID Proof and bank proof (if required)


Theft claim

This is the situation where your car is stolen. The Motor Claims Tribunal will decide the compensation in case of a major accident. The document required to get a claim from the insurance company for theft insurance of your car are:

  • Inform the police and get FIR registered.
  • Inform the insurance company and get the intimation id.
  • The company will tell the detailed process of investigation. You must cooperate with the company to get things clear for the easy claim processing.
  • RC copy, policy copy, DL Copy, Tax invoice, Sale invoice, FIR
  • If the vehicle is not traced, obtain the Non-Traceable Certificate from the police and 173Cr.PC issued by a criminal court
  • Form 28, 29 and 30 must be signed by the insured
  • Form 35 to be signed by the Financer, depending on what the case may be, on the admission of liability of insurers
  • Consent for the agreed claim settlement value from you and the Financer
  • A claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp
  • A NOC of the Financer if the claim is to be settled in the insured’s favor
  • The sets of keys/Service Booklet/Warranty Card
  • Your ID Proof and bank proof (if required)

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