Health Insurance – Things you need to know

Health insurance is a need. It is a necessity that every individual and family should have. You cannot treat it as an in luxury item. A health insurance policy provides you financial support when you need it in hard times. Apart from health it also gives you additional income tax rebate u/s 80D.

The amount that you will pay for your premium will surely be covered when you need it during hospitalization. So, the one should not think about the premium by comparing it with different companies. The only point that you should consider is the number of facilities that you will get at the time of claim. The additional options they health insurance company will provide you.

You should consider the following points before choosing a health insurance policy.

  • Pre Hospitalization Days.
  • Post Hospitalizations Days.
  • Day Care
  • 100% Cashless
  • Ambulance Charges
  • Room capping
  • Life time renewal
  • Pre Existing Diseases


You should know about the additional features of the policy such as restoration, claim free year bonus, daily cash and much more.

Do you know some diseases are covered after 2 3 years in a health insurance policy?

Do you know maternity is excluded in most of the policies?

Do you know if you hide about your pre exiting disease from company, your policy can be suspended without any claim?

Do you know preexisting decreases are covered after a specific time?

Do you know in many policies you cannot increase your sum assured if you get a claim for any diseases.

Do you know many diseases are not covered under health insurance policy?

Do you know there is an age limit for dependent child like 21, 25 yrs. After that, the member cannot use family floater policy.

Many people don’t buy family floater health insurance policy because they are having the policy from there company? But do you think the Sum Assured you have is enough to beat health expenses? What will happen if you left your company? There are many factors that needs to be discussed.

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