Diabetes Health Insurance FAQ

What is Diabetes Health Insurance?

Insurance for debates means that type of insurance policy that provides coverage to the diabetic’s patients. Diabetes health insurance policy covers both the hospitalization whether a patient is admitted due to diabetes related health issues or admitted for any other health issues means a (non-diabetic) problem. The diabetes health insurance plan is the best key to full fills the heavy hospital bills at the time of hospitalization. Diabetes insurance policy helps financially in medical emergencies.


What are the best health insurance companies in 2019 for a diabetes health plan?
  • Star Health Insurance
  • National Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • Religare Health Insurance


Is diabetes covered under health insurance?

Diabetes is usually considered as a pre-existing disease in the health insurance policy and insurance companies apply a waiting period of 4 years for covering diabetes in health insurance. Some health insurance companies have special plans for covering diabetes.


What medical expenses are covered by diabetes health insurance?
  • Room Expenses at the time of hospitalization
  • ICU Expenses at the time of hospitalization
  • No waiting period for diabetes
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses
  • Restore Benefit
  • Day care treatment
  • Ambulance Charges
  • In-patient Hospitalization
  • Tax Rebate


What are the things to look for while choosing diabetes health insurance?
  • Basic coverage under an individual health insurance plan
  • Claim Settlement Ratio of the company
  • Premium they are offering
  • Ask for the maximum renewal age
  • Ask for the sub-limits or co-pay applicable
  • Check for the list of network hospitals
  • Get hassle-free claim settlement
  • Avail cashless hospitalization


Benefits of having diabetes health insurance?
  • Room rent – Room expenses at the time of hospitalization. There is no capping on the rent you single a/c room.
  • ICU Expenses – Actual charges without capping at the time of hospitalization
  • No waiting period for diabetes – There is no waiting period for diabetes.
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses – Expenses before hospitalization are covered
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses – Expenses after hospitalization are covered
  • Restore Benefit – Ones the sum insured is exhausted it restore automatically


Why should I buy a medical policy for diabetes?

Medical insurance for diabetics can help you manage the high costs of diabetes treatment easily. Diabetes insurance covers doctor’s consultation, diagnostic test expenses, cost of medicines and hospitalization expenses. Since diabetes} may be a chronic disease these medical expenses keep recurring, which is why it’s necessary to enter in such plans. As compared to a normal health plan, the diabetes plan does not have a 48 month waiting period.


How Health Insurance Helps Diabetic Patients

Buying health insurance for diabetics is the key to winning the battle against diabetes.

  • Diabetes insurance can cover the costs of a doctor’s appointment. so, you can consult the most effective doctors without worrying about the consultation fee
  • Expenses towards diagnostic tests are covered under diabetes health insurance
  • No need to worry about buying high-priced diabetes drugs as medicinal costs are covered under medical insurance for diabetics
  • Focus on recovery instead of worrying about hospital bills in the event of hospitalization


What is the claim procedure for diabetes health insurance?

The claim procedure for diabetes insurance is the same as other policies. Once you submit the medical bills to the insurance company, the company can reimburse the amount. If you have registered under a cashless policy, the company can make the payments directly to the hospital.


What is the difference between a normal policy and a diabetes health policy?

The major difference is in the normal health plan you have to wait for 4 years to get a claim for diabetes (pre-existing disease) and in the diabetes health plan, there is no waiting period for diabetes.

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