Difference Between Health Insurance and Personal Accidental Insurance

What is Health Insurance?

A health insurance policy is a type of insurance that provides coverage for the medical and surgical expenses incurred by the policyholder when he/she is hospitalized throughout the policy period.

Health insurers, also offer coverage for day care hospitalization, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization. The expenses incurred are either reimbursed to the insured individual health insurance include Mediclaim. Personal accidental & critical illness insurance.

On one hand, problems with health have become unavoidable, due to changes within the environment and lifestyle over the past few decades. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t assurance a healthy body any more. On the other hand, medical costs have skyrocketed, which may leave you in a dire situation if you aren’t prepared. insurance has gained importance in today’s world because of these reasons. it’s a smart investment to make however requires a small amount of research to ensure the plan is affordable, offers good coverage, and will pay out sufficiently when needed.


What is Mediclaim Insurance?

A Mediclaim is a type of insurance wherein the insurance providers reimburse the policyholder for any medical expenses that he/she might have incurred in the hospital in the policy period. The insured will either submit the relevant bills to get reimbursed or avail completely cashless facilities at the insurer’s network hospitals.

Skyrocketing medical inflation rates have made Mediclaim policies or health plans a necessity to create healthcare affordable for the larger masses. Mediclaim policy may be a type of health insurance that gives a health cover for diseases and hospitalization up to a particular sum insured. Such policies are valid for a particular period after that the policyholder has to renew it to enjoy the benefits.


What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance or PA Insurance Policy provides complete financial protection to the insured members against uncertainties like accidental death, accidental injuries, partial/total disabilities, permanent as well as temporary disabilities resulting from an accident. within the case of the accidental death of the policyholder, the nominee gets compensation from the insurance company. There are various other compensations that are offered for an accidental disability like loss of eyes, limbs, and speech.

An accident doesn’t come knocking at the door. It can happen anytime, anywhere and may result in minor to serious injuries. Any such uncertainty could lead to a financial crisis, and that is why it is recommended to buy an Accidental insurance policy. it’ll offer the necessary financial assistance to you and your family against accidental death, injuries and disabilities (Partial/ Permanent/Temporary). There are various other rider advantages like accidental hospitalization cover, Hospital Confinement Allowance, and medical expense cover.

It is completely different from life insurance, health insurance and medical. you can either take a PA policy for yourself or a group policy for your family, protecting you and them anyplace in the world, any time. PA insurance provides 24-hour worldwide insurance protection. The scope of cover and scale of advantages differ between insurance companies and you should, therefore, make sure that you purchase a policy that meets your requirements. the categories of coverage normally provided under a PA policy include:

Personal Accidental Policy (PA Policy) Covers:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disablement
  • Temporary total or partial disablement
  • Medical expenses
  • Corrective surgery
  • Hospitalization benefits
  • Funeral expenses

Difference Between Health Insurance and Personal Accidental Insurance:

Personal Accident Insurance Health Insurance
Medical expenses towards accidental injuries are covered Medical expenses towards illness or injuries sustained are covered
Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses are not covered Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses are covered
Death due to an accident is covered Death cover is not available
Disabilities sustained due to an accident are covered Disabilities are not covered
Riders such as Broken Bones, Hospital Daily Cash, Child Education Benefit & Ambulance Allowance are available Riders such as Critical Illness Cover, Hospital Cash Cover, Room Rent Waiver, Personal Accident Cover & Top Up/Super Top Cover are available


The Difference Between Health Insurance and Personal Accidental Insurance is PA Policy is part of health insurance. Health Insurance Include both Mediclaim and Personal Accidental Insurance. Mediclaim helps at the time of hospitalization and person accidental insurance is used in case of accidental death of accidental permanent or total disability.

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