5 Reasons To Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessary thing for every individual. There are many reasons to buy a health insurance policy but 5 reasons are listed below that why you need a health insurance policy. There are many companies who offer health insurance policy. Some of them are apollo health insurance, max bhupa health insurance, star health insurance, national health insurance and many more. Government and Private, both companies are dealing in health insurance. Some companies offer health insurance for senior citizen and persons who are diabetic and have heart problems.

Why to should buy a health insurance?

  • It provides a Financial support when you are hospitalized.
  • Premium is nominal as compared to Sum Assured.
  • In case, bread earner has hospitalized. Health insurance policy reduces the financial stress of family members.
  • Tax Benefit up to 30,000 u/s 80D.
  • Visit hospital without a penny.


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