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Children Carrer Plans

Starting Early, Pays More

Planning to invest for your child?

Few Reasons why you should buy a Children Carrera Plan

  • To beat Increasing Education Cost.
  • To secure a reserve amount for you child.
  • Marriage expenses are increasing.
  • Reserve money for abroad studies opportunity.
  • Study in dream college
  • Investment amount for Start-up

If you compare the market of last few years you will observe that interest rates are constantly falling down. But, on the other hand education cost is rapidly going high. Being highly qualified represents your status and for that you need a reputed and good school. School expenses can be managed. But, if we discuss about college and further higher educational expenses it depends on your child’s interest. Don’t let your financial situation kill your child’s dreams. Doctor, Engineer and other highly educational degrees need a huge investment which cannot be arranged easily and you never know your future financial situation. Being positive and motivational is a good sign but you need to be practical for your child’s future.

You cannot just keep balance in your bank account for future studies. Invest small amount for future as soon as possible. Because the more time your invest, the more gain you will get. Invest in different investment plans such as Equity, Balance and Debts.

Equity: In equity market you can get 35% or 3% interest. You need know but as per market trends you get good interest if you invest for long terms.

Balanced Funds: Balanced funds involved some percentage of equity and some percentage of debts. As a result you will be on safer side if market crashes.

Debt: Low but fixed interest is also necessary. Market keep on changes. With debt funds you will get 100% surety about the maturity amount.

You should also look for an investment plan which provides liquidity. Liquidity simply means that there should be a provision to withdraw your invested amount before maturity. Invest after keeping all circumstances in mind.

Example: your child’s age is 5yrs and you plan for his post-graduation and invested for 15years. But after school your child gets an opportunity to study abroad. In such situation you need a money before maturity, which is possible with liquid funds only. So should invest in each type of funds.

I hope you have understood the importance of children career plan for your child’s safe future. Except education you need to beat marriage expenses also. Everybody wants to have huge wedding ceremony. Marriage expenses are also increasing. So to beat it you should invest in a plan for more than 20 years. Again you should invest in 3 types of plans and at the time of maturity you don’t have to worry about the expenses as your small saving and compounding interest has made your child’s marriage financially easy. Now the problem arises that monthly expenses are high and saving amount is less. So, the best and easy option is SIP. If you are salaried and you get 30,000 per month. You can invest 2000 per month easily and it will not affect your monthly expenses. Another option is whenever you get handsome amount invest it in one time investment plans. You have a lot of options to choose from. We, at Mohindra Investments are serving from last 32 years for all kinds of financial needs such as Children career plans, Fixed Deposits, Life insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Home Appliance Insurance and much more. We deal in all type of funds like equity, balance, debts. Visit us or call on @7838904326.